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20 inspiring facts and figures about Apple

20 inspiring facts and figures about Apple
Apple is a leading industry in this world. It is considered that the products issued and manufactured by apple have a great reputation and recognition in the markets. This company is responsible for the invention and production of latest technologies and techniques for the users. In last few years, Apple has maintained the service structure in an excellent way. It is required to see the 20 most amazing facts about the Apple in order to see how inspiring this technology manufacturer is.

Apple increases the sales this year

It is the first amazing fact about Apple. This company has increased the volume of sales. The total sales of Apple have been increased because of the following products.



Apps for the smartphones

Software and applications

Systems and technologies for the computers

Apple has honor to rebuild the software

Apple rebuilt the software and applications in order to make them according to the new times. The old software and applications were replaced by the Apple.

It is very amazing for the users who love to use new technologies and applications.

Apple is a leading company in technology

Yes, it is also true about the Apple that it is a leading company in the field of technology.

Apple is providing sufficient modern devices

On the other hand, Apple is famous for the new modern devices. The modern devices given by the Apple include the following

Mobile phones


Gaming consoles

Apple is famous for the smartphones

Apple is considered the best manufacturer of smartphones. It has produced millions of smartphones because of the high demand.

Apple is famous for the IPad

Similarly, Apple has a name for the development and sales of iPad. Nowadays iPad of Apple is very famous in the markets.

Apple is famous for the laptops

Apple is providing the top quality laptops in the world. The laptops by this company are expensive but standardized.

Apple is providing more facilities

Apple is given special attention for the newer facilities and features.

Apple is original in technology

The technologies used and introduced by the Apple are original that’s why very famous among the users.

Apple is providing more apps

Apple always enables the users to enjoy more apps for the laptops and smartphones.

Apple has maintained the sales

In 2012, Apple has maintained the previous records in the field of revenue collection.

Apple has less impact of economic recessions

Apple has not faced intense situations because of the economic recessions. It is among the leading companies having less effect of economic downfalls.

Apple is the leading manufacturer

Apple is considered the best among the manufacturers involved for the production of modern devices.

Apple is the biggest dealer

Apple doesn’t sale the products directly but it is among the biggest dealers.

Apple gives more utilities

For the users, there are numerous facilities and utilities offered by the Apple.

Apple is working in 200 countries

Yes, it is very amazing that Apple is functional in more than 200 countries of this world.

Apple has branches in 180 countries

Apple has direct business franchises and branches in more than 180 countries of the world.

Apple got the highest sales

In 2012, the total revenue collected by the Apple was much higher that’s why it is said that Apple got the highest sales.

Apple is bigger than famous Microsoft

Apple also goes the position of Microsoft which was the number one software developing company of the world.

Apple is a leader in Europe

Apple is very famous in Europe. It is the biggest electronic manufacturer and seller in Europe.
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